Afinia Label Printers

The two entry level printers carried by Afinia Label are the L301 and the 501. Afinia Label Printers are great for food label production. The L301 is the basic label printer that is targeted for small businesses that need on demand high quality labels. This version of the label printer prints relatively slow compared to the competition. The printer's prints up to 6" width which makes it very suitable for larger label applications like medium size box labels.

The Afinia L501 is new to the Afinia family as it is currently the only printer that uses both pigment and dye based ink. With this printer, you get the best of both worlds either printing durable labels or beautiful prime labels. This is great for small businesses like cafes that need to label food and have to fall in line with labeling requirements as well as using it for other labeling usage like shipping and loyalty programs. Afinia Label's L501 is great for mid-volume printing anywhere from 3,000 - 10,000 labels a month.

By bringing your labeling solution in house you avoid paying for third party setup charges, high label quantity minimums and you are able to have your labels instantly instead of waiting for long lead times. Click the links below and see which Afinia Label printer is right for your business.

Afinia L301

Afinia Label - L301

Afinia L501

Afinia Label - L501