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A consumer's first impression on food purchases involve a number of variables: from nutrient info to the design and colors on the label. In the food sector picture is everything. Powerful food labels draw the interest of shoppers while still displaying easy-to-understand data concerning the item. It's important choosing the proper color label printer to your own labeling requirements.

A label printer isn't a normal printer. It's been designed to print using a distinctive feed mechanism. It manages tear sheets and label roll inventory. Selecting a printer ought to be done with caution since it every has its own capabilities and restrictions.You would not get the identical label printer used for wine labels as for a lip balm product.

Within this review, I'll be highlighting a few of the best custom food label printers available on the market.

Custom Food Label Printers

Epson TM-C3500 - Custom Food Label Printer

Epson's robust label printers provide easy‑to‑change, individual cartridges for efficient use of ink. The on‑demand flexibility and minimal maintenance with this printer, you can produce full‑color labels without increasing your per‑label cost. This means less inventory on‑hand frees storage space & omits the need for large label runs to amortize setup costs.

Why Buy the Epson TM-C3500?

Epson TM-C3500 label printers are excellent for high mix, low volume programs, making them perfect for smaller companies which must publish an range of tags and label forms, but not necessarily in massive volumes.

The Epson TM-C3500 label printer uses four individual ink cartridges to print durable full color labels. If you tend to use a lot of one color because your label design or brand is associated with a color. Single-ink cartridges can be more economical because you won’t need to replace all of the colors when one runs out.

Epson's TM-C3500 prints at speeds up to 4 inches per second and can handle label widths from 1.2 to 4 inches.

  • Durable pigment-based color label printing with MicroPiezo technology
  • Built in label cutter, so you can customize the label size while printing on continuous rolls
  • 4-cartridge system ink saving design

Primera LX500 - Food Service Label Printer

Primera's LX500 Label Printer applies high-yield, tricolor ink cartridge which reproduces top quality tags. The swift print speeds and also a discretionary built in guillotine-style filler enable users to immediately and easily print and cut.

Printing on‑demand provides flexibility to your projects as you adapt to the different branding, ingredients and labeling needs your food product requires.

The Primera LX500 is still among the ideal color dye label printers readily available on industry regarding printing caliber and be the best value because they have the best entry level printer selling price. Nonetheless, it's slow, and also the ink prices becomes more very high priced if you publish more than only a few of hundred labels monthly.

In the scenario that you simply have to produce approximately 500 labels every month, this printer would be ideal for your usage

  • Great for short label runs like private labeling and test marketing
  • Professional Printing Quality - 4800 dpi printing supplies incredibly bright and vibrant outcome
  • Quick installation and simple to operate

Afinia Label 301 - Food Prep Label Printer

The Afinia Label L301 color label printer utilizes two separate ink cartridges, a tri-color ink cartridge and a black cartridge to produce quality labels. It can printer from 1.75 inches to 6 inches and a length of up to 48 inches.

This printer is great if you need wider labels to be printed on demand. Also, the print quality is outstanding, and the label printer offers tons of flexibility for many small food prep businesses.

The Afinia L301 isn't fast compared to the competition. Its print speed is roughly 1.8 inches per second when printing a few (about 2.2 inches wide) labels in normal mode. This slower print speed is usually good for printing small batches of labels.

  • Prints up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color print resolution 
  • Prints wider label media compared to the other entry level printers
  • Built in label cutter is included

Epson TM-C7500


Primera LX500

Primera LX500


Afinia Label 301

Afinia Label L301


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