Affordable Afinia Label Printers for Food Labeling

Most Affordable Afinia Label Printers for Food Labels

Afinia Label offers several full-color label printers nicely suited to food labeling. With a minimal cost of ownership, Afinia color label printers can also be cheap over the long run. Let's look at several cheap Afinia Label printers to determine which ones come out there.

To Be Able to Find out the Cheapest Afinia Label printers to your demands, you need to take into consideration the number of labels you would like to publish every month. This is a significant factor because Afinia Label produces printers for various quantity requirements.

Greatest and Best Afinia Label Printers for Food Labeling

Afinia Label L301, L501 and L701

The Afinia Label Printers below are affordable possibilities for labeling food items:

Afinia L301 for low quantity food labeling (0 - 1,500 labels per month) -- The Afinia L301 has become the most affordable Afinia Label printer as far as its initial price point goes. It's an inkjet-based color label printer designed for low volume, short-run label printing, so it is ideal for businesses which generate a minimal quantity of niche food products every month. The L301 prints labels up to 6 inches in width and support label rolls with a 6-inch outside diameter (OD). While the printing quality is excellent at up to 4800dpi, the printing speed is about the lower end of the scale, which is fine for short print runs.

Afinia L501 for mid-volume food labeling (1,000 - 5,000 labels a month) -- The Afinia L501 doubles as a pigment and dye based label printer with extremely low ink costs, 2400 dpi, plus a fast print speed of 5.2 inches per second. The L501 prints 8.5-inch labels, supports larger 8-inch OD label rolls, and may be installed for roll-to-roll printing with optional label unwinders and rewinders which are sold individually. The Afinia L501 is prepared for mid-volume food label printing for an exceptionally low ink cost.

Afinia L701 to get high volume food labeling (2,500 - 20,000 labels each month) -- The Afinia L701 is a Memjet printer and is famous for being the lowest priced Memjet printer you can buy. The Afinia L701 prints 8.5-inch labels and supports 6-inch OD label rolls. Powered by Memjet technology, the Afinia L701 Is Significantly quicker than the L301. It's a print resolution of 1600 dpi, prints about 8 inches per second, and contains low ink prices.

The Aforementioned cheap Afinia Label printers are solid options with reduced operating costs for low, mid, and higher quantity food labeling.

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