Primera Label Printers

The Primera LX900 and LX500 are two of the finest in terms of printing quality and the cheapest price on the market. Primera dominates the entry-level marketplace as they print very high quality at 4800 dpi. If you only need to print approximately 500 labels per month, and your labels measure less than 4 inches, then the LX500 is a wonderful little high resolution, full color label printer for your needs.

For the Primera LX900 - where other products similar in price, they don't provide the per print savings, speed, and diversity in printing ability compared to the LX900. This machine prints exceptionally fast, and contains conserves over 100 percent in our projected label printing costs. The Primera LX 900 Requires periodic print head replacement. The printer has four separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black so you are not wasting money on ink when you run from a single color. You can also save money on ink by lowering the ink saturation in the printer settings.

Primera LX500

Primera LX900

Primera LX2000

Primera LX2000